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About us

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Our company, OPTIC IRIS SRL, coordinated by Mr. Burcea Cristian, offers ocular prosthetic services, acrylic balls and conformers.

Prosthesis working area

The ocular prosthesis is made for each individual wearer and the dimensions of the ocular cavity are previously controlled with a special mold.

Thus, an acrylic conformer is obtained which is adjusted until the optimal shape in the cavity is reached, the opening of the eyelids remaining equal to that of the healthy eye.

The iris and sclera are colored manually, according to the color of the healthy eye. A transparent layer of acrylic material is applied over the prosthesis, made for protection and natural look.

The optimal time for creating a prosthesis is 6 weeks from the date of surgery. However, it is very important for the doctor to direct the patient to our ocular prosthetic lab, about two weeks after surgery. (after the threads are removed).

At this point, a conformer can already be applied, with which the patient will stay until the date of the proper prosthesis, which will be determined on this occasion as well.

The time required to achieve an ocular prosthesis is 3-4 days, with the indication that the patient will have to come every day for samples, measurements, painting.

The materials used to make prostheses are acrylic and acrylic resins having the following characteristics:

  • volumetric stability,
  • mechanical resistence,
  • insoluble in water,
  • strong resistance to action of acids and weak bases,
  • very good tolerance of tissues,
  • thermal (preserves the temperature),
  • intolerance to acrylate may occur very rarely and are due to inadequate hygiene or inappropriate adaptation of the prosthesis to the ocular cavity.

The most accurate refurbishment of the patient’s physiognomy by applying an ocular prosthesis is influenced by the cause that led to the loss of the eyeball (congenital malformation, post-traumatic disorganized globule, atrophic globe after medical-surgical ocular disorders, tumor diseases, enucleation). Therefore, for the best prosthesis, with increased mobility of the prosthesis, it is recommended to observe the above mentioned.

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